The SF Story

The idea for the SF boxes came from my first door-to-door sales job. I was seeking to grow my network and business by developing relationships with C-level executives who didn’t have the time or interest to meet with a copier salesman. So I researched each executive’s unique personality and interests and sent hand-crafted, laser-engraved wooden boxes that embodied those interests (i.e. his/her alma mater, love for golf, favorite charity etc.) I also included a hand-written note. Not a “salesy” letter but rather a succinct, thoughtful note, “Mr. Executive, I hope you enjoy this box and that it demonstrates how we value what matters most to our clients.”  This simple gesture added a unique human element to impersonal business conversations and opened the doors to C-suites I would have never gotten through otherwise.

As our business has grown, we have received testimonials like, “this box is truly special in every way” and “I am going to pass this box down to my children." We are grateful to have the opportunity to help our clients strengthen their valuable relationships and will continue to hold fast to an invaluable insight- as our culture grows increasingly impersonal due to technology and busy schedules, the deeply sentimental SF boxes break through the traditional barriers and touch people deeply on a personal level.

Since we created SF LLC, I have personally sent SF boxes to open doors with new business, close deals, display gratitude for clients and show appreciation for friends and mentors. I am confident that our SF boxes will have a resounding impact on your vital business relationships as well.

Best Wishes,

Caleb Musser

President, SF LLC