"When you really want to get someone's attention or when a Thank You note just does not suffice, one of these customizable boxes from SF is the answer. The recipient will definitely appreciate and remember this truly unique gift."

-Randy Kibler

Chairman of the Board, Bojangles', Inc.


“I sell medical devices to surgeons and many of them are virtually impossible to meet with to discuss new surgical technology.  I had been trying for several months to get appointments with several high-profile key surgeons - to no avail.  The reply from staff was always "They do not see sales reps".  I then decided to purchase SF boxes that were laser-engraved with their full name, alma mater fight song, picture of their medical school, as well as my product logo on the front of the box.  The investment paid back a thousand fold as both surgeons decided to meet with me. I gained their business due to the superiority of my new technology product offering as well as significant commissions.  If you have an excellent product or service and you need some face-time with key decision makers - The SF customized box will land those impossible-to-get appointments. I am also starting to purchase SF boxes as nice gifts for key surgeons that are loyal to using my products. SF sets me apart from my competition and keeps my product logo in front of surgeons to see as it becomes a permanent fixture on their desk. “

-Steve H.

Territory Manager, Adler Instruments


"I received one of these boxes from SF and I was floored. It is a first class gesture and is something I will use forever. I can honestly say it is the most unique gift I have ever received.  If you want to make a positive impression on another human being, then send them one of these boxes."

-James B. Mathis, III

VP Marketing, Consolidated Planning, Inc.


"I am a big fan of the “wow” factor and providing unique gifts to clients, sponsors and partners – the SF box has been a huge hit. Thank you for providing such a cool custom gift.”

-David Jessey

Partner, Fuel Sports Management